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Client Success

Dairy Plant Success Adds Nearly

Full Hour of Production/Day

Financial Impact: $290,000 Savings


Reduced cleaning time by 15% per day making more time available for continuous improvement


Eliminated 2,000 gallons of chemical consumption and 175,000 gallons of wastewater per year


Identified opportunities to improve protein capture by 243,000 lb/year

Increased available production time by 45 minutes per day, leading to 4% additional capacity

The Challenge

A Northeast dairy processor tapped Solecta’s technical team to explore opportunities to:

  1. Optimize membrane cleaning process
  2. Increase protein yield
  3. Improve product quality
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The Solution

In collaboration with the client…

  • Eliminated highest cost chemical and reduced cleaning time
  • Improved protein measurement and redefined end-of-life determination
  • Upgraded temperature control and enhanced product quality

The Overall Impact

Upon successful execution of the identified initiatives, client was able to increase both uptime and profitability, with up to an additional 243,000 lbs per year in protein capture and 4% in throughput.

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