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Client Success

Applications Expertise Delivers Value

Financial Impact: $450,000


Reduced cleaning time by 10% per day, making more time available for continuous improvement


Eliminated 370 tons of waste in UF permeate and waste water through improved protein capture


Identified opportunities to improve protein capture by 614,000 lb/year

Increased brine UF productivity leading to a 15% improvement in brine turnover and improvement in cheese quality

The Challenge

A California Dairy processor was looking for ways to optimize their Whey Protein
Concentrate (WPC) membrane operation and requested help from Solecta to complete a comprehensive process audit.

Dairy Silos

The Solution

In collaboration with the client…

Established a more stringent standard for protein yield which redefined acceptability of membrane performance

Identified an improved membrane solution to decrease turn-over time of the cheese brine resulting in increased productivity without additional CAPEX

cheese brine production

The Overall Impact

Upon successful execution of the identified initiatives, client was able to increase profitability by $450,000 through improved WPC yields and improve cheese quality via increased brine turn-over.


I think the key is not only in the performance of the membranes, but the excellent insights and support that lift Solecta above other companies.

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