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Client Success

20% Increase in Permeate Flow

Leads to Higher Product Quality & Yield


Reduced operator interventions to increase visibility of brine solution – saving time while achieving lower turbidity at higher flow rates


Reduced chlorine treatment to control microbiological growth in brine

Increased turnover to reduce brine solution disposal


20% increase in permeate flow tied directly to cheese production

Higher yield of finished product due to the reduction of off-flavor, off-color cheese

The Challenge

When a global mozzarella cheese producer upgraded their brine clarification system, they experienced the following issues:

  1. Brine quality did not routinely meet microbiological requirements
  2. Inconsistent performance did not provide consistent cheese quality

The Solution

In collaboration with the client…

  • Identified opportunity to increase brine tank turnover frequency, thereby addressing quality concerns
  • Delivered higher productivity with required permeate quality, which alleviated microbiological and final cheese quality concerns
  • Improved performance without additional capital or footprint requirements
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The Overall Impact

Solecta’s solution had a significant impact on yield and final product quality by enabling increased brine tank turn-over frequency by 20% within current footprint and without additional capital cost.


In all of my years working with membrane suppliers and companies, no one has put forth so much effort and care towards our plants.

They genuinely care and want to see us succeed and become stable business partners.

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