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We Show Up. We Ask Questions. We Listen.

Solecta combines a deep understanding of clients, membrane applications and high-value separation processes to develop solutions that deliver proven, sustainable value based on what matters most to you.

What Matters Most To You? That’s Our Starting Point.

Whether you’re aiming to…




Operating Efficiencies

Peace of Mind

Greatest Total Value

Superior Client Experience

Gain access to:

  • A key contact who is eager to build a relationship and solve your biggest challenges
  • A world-class team supporting the relationship – with a cross-functional expertise across a wide range of applications and markets
  • A combination of technology and expertise, focused on taking a holistic approach to driving the biggest impact for your business

Applications Expertise

Delivers $290,000 Value

Onsite audit prompted process changes that improved yield, increased capacity and reduced CIP time.

Solecta At Your Service

We bring a holistic view of your operations to unlock the value associated with upstream and downstream processes connected to membrane separations recognizing that small changes can have a big impact.

  • On-Site Audits

  • Process Design & Optimization

  • Advisory Services For Start-up & Commissioning New Systems

  • Product Co-creation & Innovation

  • Project Management For Key Value-creation Initiatives

  • Application- based Research & Development

  • Membrane Separation Best Practices & Benchmarking

  • Applications Support

  • On Site Analysis And Testing Of Membrane Performance

  • Remote Analysis & Consultation to Provide Real-time Guidance On Membrane Optimization

  • Staff Training & Certification Related To Membrane Separations

  • Testing Protocols & Suggested Maintenance Schedules

  • Specification Development for Membrane Filtration

  • Membrane Process Operation Optimization

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Our team of application engineers and domain experts understands your industry’s unique challenges. (They’re also eager to solve them.)

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